Top 10 Free Social Media Exchange Websites List

Social Media Exchange Websites

Top 10 Free Social Media Exchange Websites List

Social Media Exchange Websites may be a must require for everybody in this world. Social Media Trades is getting to be an imperative figure in SEO at the display time. The social trade has come up as the easiest way to attain Social Signals. You wish not think much to utilize this way as there’s no necessity of investing dollars on this procedure. Social Signals incorporate likes and comments on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

These online social exchange sites can enable you to get free fb likes, free Facebook followers, free Instagram likes, Pinterest pins, Pinterest adherents, Google Plus devotees and offers, YouTube subscribers, and quality backlinks which willhelp your business to grow more.

There are many available that claim to provide you with the best service, but do they really provide so?

To, make this task easy for you here is a whole list of Best Social Media Exchanges Website for you:

Best Social Media Exchanges Website



If you ever wanted to be seen, to change people’s hearts and minds?! Now you have the opportunity to make it happen! By working together and promoting your channel, we can help you become more influential and share your thoughts with others.

Like4Like is 100% free and easy to use YouTube promotion service. All you need to do to use Like4Like is to choose a username and the desired password for your user account. By verifying your e-mail, the creation of the account is completed. Security protocols allow you to work safely and securely from any place in the World. If you no longer wish to use our application, upon receiving your request by email, your account will be completely deleted as stated in our Privacy Policy.

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2. Add Me Fast

This tool is one such tool that has got all the features that you ask for. For social nearness, AddMeFast is a system that enables the user to develop social contacts.

It helps you to build YouTube Video Likes, YouTube Video Favorites, Youtube Views, Twitter Followers, Twitter Tweets, Twitter reTweets, Twitter Favorites,, build Facebook Likes, Facebook Share, Facebook Followers, Facebook Post Likes, Facebook Post Share, Google+ Circles, Google+ Post Share, YouTube Subscribe, Likes.

It helps to connect you to the entire social media platform to make it helpful for you. It increases your likes, followers, and your social media sharing.

To start using AddmeFast, you have to log in and start your task. This is one in the list of Best Social Media Exchanges Website for its easy-to-use nature.

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3. LinkCollider

This is another social media exchanges website LinkCollider. It can be said that it is one of the online life trade webpages, which indicates the ubiquity of web-based social networking trade. You can also use this social exchange site to improve the SEO of your blogs.

If you are a blogger, you might want to check this top social exchange site. This particular site helps you in getting real likes, infinite follower, etc. fast.

This will result in making your page trending on the net. This social exchange site presents dynamically to keep you updated with your pages in sync with the trending zone on the net. Initially, this social exchange site was not the top social exchange site.

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4. YouLikeHits

Another free and mostly used website is YouLikeHits. YouLikeHits will assist you with growing your Social media account.

It works in all the categories of social media like it has twitter follower increaser, Instagram likes generator, etc. so that user don’t have to go on any other platform for another social media website.

YouLikeHits is an online life device that will enable you to become your Facebook, VK, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Websites, and then some. It’s basic and FREE!

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5. LikesPlanet

When you wish to get free Facebook likes, subscribers and increase your social media profile popularity, then LikesPlanet is your place.

It gives the user a free hand to get likes, followers, views, comments, and shares from all that is trending on social media. It is challenging to trade like there are so many mediums and platforms available from everyone. People divert from one website to another.

Keeping them attracted to one becomes a big challenge for any media channel. Getting free Facebook Subscribers, Likes, LinkedIn Shares, Youtube Video Views, Youtube Subscribers, Twitter Followers, Twitter Retweets, Youtube Video Likes, and Dislikes [on other individuals’ recordings, of course], Stumbleupon Follower.

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Being one of the oldest platforms for social exchange, people usually prefer following this to get better results.

Apart from that, this website keeps changing the interface to make it better for the user from all perspectives.

There are four ways that you can use to get points:-

  • Gather points by Subscribing, liking, and following.
  • Provide referral links to your friends, and when they join the community, you get free points from that.
  • You can even pay some dollars to get some points.
  • Keep logging in every day and try to do some tasks in order to gather some points.


FollowLike will enable you to develop your Social Networks, Websites, Business, Videos and Music, Blogs, Backlinks, Bookmarks or Promote pretty much anything you need by interfacing you with other individuals appearing to be identical.

Improve web search tool rankings, get free Facebook likes, and free twitter devotees with our like trade from clients who will cooperate with their web stages. You can utilize Follow like as an SEO promoter to get web traffic and associate with genuine individuals from over 70,000+ dynamic clients from everywhere throughout the world in our like for like social trade framework.

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Promote your sites & social networks with us! Their exchange system helps you to increase your website popularity, your social presence and more.

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