AIOU Semester Terminal Exam 430 Solved


AIOU Semester Terminal Exam 406 Solved

AIOU Semester Terminal Exam 430 Solved

Title /Principles of Journalism (430)

Pass marks 40/50

Instructions for Exams:

1. Attempt All Questions.

2. Write answers in your own words and avoid copying from an internet source or any book.

3. Be precise, avoid unnecessary details, answer to each question must be between 600-800 words.

4. Students can attempt paper on any white page. Mention Roll No. , Name & Signature on every page. Attach undertaking with each course code.

5. Students are advised to post their answer sheets to their tutor well in time so the same must reach on or before 20-06-2021.

6. Submissions after due date & time will not be entertained.


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