Best Method to promote affiliate links

affiliate marketing

Best Method to promote affiliate links


Blogging is probably one of the best ways to promote your affiliate link, but it is one of the most time-consuming ways that take time to develop traction. You have to build a blog, add content to it and then promote affiliate links.

Promote affiliate links via Facebook

If you have a Facebook fan page with a lot of followers, you can write product review posts. Be careful with this method however as Facebook has reduced the opportunity for owners of fan pages to promote posts to their organic followers.

Fan page owners now need to pay to advertise to their own followers in Facebook’s recent algorithm update.


You can also create a YouTube channel specifically for product reviews or as an educational platform where you recommend the affiliate product. Make sure to place the affiliate link within your description box and cloak the affiliate link as well using the cloaking tools

Email Marketing

The money is definitely in the list that is why you should be building your email list as an affiliate marketer.Communicating with your potential customers via email is one of the easiest traffic sources to tap into especially if you have cultivated, nurtured and added some type of value to your subscribers.

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