Difference Between Intel i5 3rd Generation and 4th Generation

3rd generation and 4th generation

Difference Between Intel i5 3rd Generation and 4th Generation


i5 3rd Generation of computers

Intel officially revealed the Core i5 third information processors in April 2012, after much anticipation. These processors, which are based on the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture and hence the 22nm manufacturing process, offer a wide range of interesting improvements, including enhanced graphics, increased power efficiency, wireless display, HD video technology, and a quick correct engine.

On a 160mm2 die space, it has 1.4 billion transistors. Because of the Intel HD 4000 graphics processing unit, the processor provides stunning graphics performance. Although the processor features turbo boost technology, it does not have hyper-threading technology. It also features a half-dozen MB L3 cache, which is also known as Intel Smart Cache.

i5 4th Generation of computers

Intel’s latest CPUs, codenamed ‘Haswell,’ were released in June 2014, but are more commonly referred to as fourth generation Intel Core processors. The familiar i3/i5/i7 stigmatisation is retained, allowing customers to distinguish between cheap, mid-range, and luxury models. As you might imagine, this new generation of CPUs brings increased performance and a reduction in power requirements, however the highest-performing variations still consume thirteen watts in comparison to their third generation counterparts.

Perhaps the most important improvement is within the space of embedded graphics. With this new generation of CPUs the graphics area unit currently referred to as HD 4600 and with the amendment of the name comes a couple of important improvement in performance, particularly for 3D games and applications. what is more, up to a few separate displays will currently be driven at the same time, reducing the necessity for a distinct graphics card wherever triple-head monitors area unit needed.

Should you buy a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 CPU in 2022?

If you are looking for office work then you can go for it, but if you are looking for a gaming CPU or you want it for video editing then I suggest you to buy i5 6 generation which is the minimum required for gaming and video editing.

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