Get Free German MasterCard Gold

advanzia bank mastercard gold

Get Free German MasterCard Gold

Especially when traveling a credit card is very helpful. It can easily be used to rent a car, pay for a hotel, book a flight or order something online. Usually banks charge a yearly fee (e.g. 29€) for a credit card and sometimes you will have a fee for paying in another currency or using it in another country. Luckily there is an offer from Advanzia Bank, which gives you a completely free Mastercard Gold! There is no fee whatsoever, it is completely free to use.

  • No yearly fee
  • No shipping fee
  • Free phone support (0800 880 1120)
  • Free billing
  • Free replacement card
  • Free international usage

The only fee occurs when drawing cash from an ATM, but any other payment is free of charge.

I can really recommend to check out their offer and request a free credit card, I have been personally using one for over two years and I have never had any problems.

Normally, the first credit limit is 300€ per month, but after a few months of on time payment this limit will be increased to over 3000€. After two years, my limit is now 5000€ per month.

You also don’t need a new bank account, you just have to wire the money from your existing bank account to your credit card account. Additionally, the credit period is up to seven weeks.

As a special bonus, if you pay at least 50% of your traveling cost with your MasterCard Gold, you will get a free travel insurance.

How To Order:

Fill out your personal details: First Name, Last Name, Nationality, ZIP code, City, Street, Street number, date of birth, place of birth, place of residence, e-mail address (Note: Your name needs to be on the mailbox at that address and you need to fill out all details correctly, otherwise your order will be invalid.)

Fill out the questionnaire about your financial situation. “Nettoeinkommen” refers to your monthly net income, “Betriebszugehörigkeit” refers to the time that you have been working in your company, “Beruf” is your profession – if you don’t understand the German expressions, you can select “other/ Sonstige”. “Wohnart” means if you live in your own property or if you are renting it. Then select if you already have any credit cards, if not select “Keine”. You don’t need to select “Zahlungsschutz”, because it is usually not necessary and it will cost you extra.

and then confirm by clicking the button “Jetzt senden” :

That’s it! You will receive your credit card via mail.

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