How to Check Jazz Number via SMS, USSD code and Call


Check Jazz Number via SMS

There are different ways to check your Jazz number, but the simplest and quickest way is to get the details of your number via SMS. Here is how to check the Jazz number via SMS.

ype “MNP” and send it to 667. MNP is a short form of “MY NUMBER PLEASE” and when you send “MNP” to the given code, you get your number details including your name, SIM number and CNIC number that is registered for the concerned SIM card.

The method works even you have zero balance. But it works if you are using the SIM for at least one week. If you have got a new SIM card before 2 or 3 days, you cannot get its information. When you send the message on 667, you will receive a response as “Unknown Name and number.”

Check Jazz Number via USSD Code

You can check your Jazz number’s details by using the USSD code. It gives you free of charges information regarding the SIM card and its ownership within no time. Here is how to check your Jazz number via USSD code.

Go to the Dialer and dial *99# to check your own SIM number.

Within a few seconds, you will get the details regarding your number, name and the registered ID card number.

Check Jazz Number via Call

If you are still confused about using the above-discussed two methods to check your Jazz number, here is a third number that is again too easy to use. You can check your SIM card number and its ownership details via call. Here is how to check your Jazz SIM via call.

Call at “111” that is Jazz helpline number. The jazz representative will ask you some necessary details such as your name, ID card number and IMSI number. The IMSI i.e. International Mobile Subscriber Identity is an internationally standardized unique number. It is printed on the back of your SIM card. When you provide all these details to him, you will get your SIM card number details.

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