How to Earn $5000 Monthly With in 2024


How to Earn $5000 Monthly With in 2024

If you have any kind of website or blog so that’s good thing for you because you can start earning money with website doing only little thing.But you can make money with using social media channels also.

What is is a URL shortening platform.It pays you for the number of clicks on your short URL. Why?

Well, because it makes money for the number of clicks too, from advertisers. So it pays you because you are the one who brings in the traffic, so it’s like you get a share of whatever it makes from the advertisers.

Simple Details:

Network type: CPC, CPM, URL Shortner

Minimum Payout : $5

Payout Option : Paypal, Payoneer, Web money

Payment Time : Monthly

Payout for 100 Views : Upto $10 Registration

  • Click here to register to earn money.
  • After registration, go to your email account’s inbox and verify your account.
  • After account verification, login at
  • You can shrink any URL and share on your website/blog or on social sites.

Getting Started on

Once you do, you can start shortening URL’s using the shortener located at the top bar.Just spread these short links anywhere, yeah just about at any place and see the money roll in!

How much Money I can Make Pay Upto $10 for 1000 Views, this may sounds small but it depends on your hard work.Millions of people use social media like fb, whatsapp, twitter etc.Share your link with interesting contents and you will earn more.



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