How to earn money with shutterstock Referral program



Take Advantage of Shutterstock’s Referral Program

The Shutterstock Referral Program allows you to earn money by referring other contributors like yourself, as well as customers to purchase content on Shutterstock. As creatives, chances are you work alongside many other artists in your industry.

Referring a Contributor to Shutterstock

Whether you bring a photographer, videographer, or illustrator to Shutterstock, when they sign up using your referral link, you earn money.

  • Referring Image Contributors: For the first two years after an image contributor you referred is approved, you earn $0.04 each time one of their images* is downloaded.
  • Referring Footage Contributors: For the first year after a footage contributor you referred is approved, you will earn 10% of the sale price actually received by Shutterstock each time one of their clips* is downloaded.

Referring a Customer to Shutterstock

Whether you know a small business owner, a friend, or a family member looking for content for a project, or have worked with a client that loves your work, referring a customer is a great way to earn even more money at Shutterstock. When a customer signs up using your link, you earn money.

  • Referring Customers: When you refer a customer to Shutterstock, you’ll earn 20% of their first payment, up to $200***
  • or example, if you refer a buyer whose first purchase is a $249 monthly membership, 20% ($49) will be added to your account. The referral earning only applies to the first monthly payment received by Shutterstock for any membership.

Tips on Referring Customers to Shutterstock

In Your Link-in-Bio on Instagram or other social media

Include your referral code to show customers your stock link so they can find and purchase your work. Adjust this or add an additional link to your bio on Instagram to showcase this portfolio to customers.

On Your Website

Consider having a dedicated page on your online portfolio for customers to find your stock work. By using your referral code as the link, encourage customers to browse this additional avenue of your work.

Signup Now for referral account

Finding Your Referral Code

On your contributor account, go to this link to find your referral code. You’ll find the following three codes to share with potential new contributors and customers.


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