How to Fix Missing Fields Brand Warning in Search Console 2022

Missing Fields Brand

Missing Fields “brand” Warning in Search Console 2022

Missing Fields Brand issue occurs due to some empty fields in ecommerce generated structured data, Webmaster Tools throws the missing fields issue. If you’ve ever received a warning from Google Webmaster Tools about these missing fields on your website, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

By default, WooCommerce, shopify or other platforms generates structured data for your products. But it leaves some fields empty due to various reasons.

Missing field “brand” Woocommerce FIX.

By default, WooCommerce doesn’t put a brand name unless you get a separate extension likeĀ WooCommerce Brands.

Once you install the plugin. You will have new option named ” Brands” under products tabs. Now add the brand names and assign to your products.



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