How to make money with Clickbank


What is Clickbank?

While many people will call Clickbank yet another affiliate network, that’s not all it is. The platform is more of a marketplace for product creators and affiliates to make money together without cumbersome paperwork or agreements.


To get a product to sell Go to . Create an account if you do not have one and log in.From top menu click on “Market Place.

clickbank market place

To the left is a “Category” menu. Here you need to select the category that best describes your wares. The easiest/broadest is usually E-business & E-Marketing.

So click on E-business & E-Marketing or any other category you like.

A list of products will appear in the center of the page. Each product will have orange button accompanied with the word “Promote.” Select the button next to a product you like.

A new page will open with 2 text boxes with your account name and one empty for a Tracking ID. Neither needs action.

There is also a new orange button with “Create” next to it. Click that button.

Two links will be generated, one in black and one in blue. The black link is the Affiliate Link. Copy the black link and proceed to the next step.

STEP 2 – MARKETING THE PRODUCT – the Affiliate link.

Key Marketing Strategies

Ideally, you will already have a website that contains articles and other affiliate offers similar to the ClickBank products you want to promote. If you haven’t set one up yet though, don’t worry. WordPress is a great free content management system that you can use to start a website and begin publishing articles immediately. Use your articles to draw readers in, then present your ClickBank affiliate offer within the article.

Getting Traffic to Your Website

The more traffic you have, the more money you can make with ClickBank. In order to maximize your traffic, you should spend some time identifying commonly searched keywords that relate to the product you plan to sell. If you create articles and other content based on those keywords you can often get some traffic from search engines, especially if you target the less competitive long-tail keywords in your niche.

The fastest way to market your affiliate links is through advertising them with PPC ad networks. Just put your affiliate link on the advertising network for advertising.

This is the cheapest advertising network. You pay here only $ 0.01 on a click. you will be charged only when any visitors click on ads to your website.

You will get traffic from your GEO-Targeted region. and many leads . 90% leads are the potential buyers to your affiliate product.

Hence, you will be able to get maximum return on investment as you will have great affiliate commission.

Promote on Social Media

If you have nuber of social media followers it best opportunity for you to sell your clickbank PRODUCTS.You can share your product link on fb, twitter or pinterest to get sales and earn comission.


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