Well Infolinks is one of the best internet based advertisement platform. It was launched in 2011 and the Headquarter of Infolinks is found in Palo Alto, California. There some international sub offices also found in Tel Aviv, Israel, New York Chicago and as well as Buenos Aires. The alexa rank of the website is 1500 at international level and in USA the rank of website is 2340. Infolinks offers services to advertisers and as well as publishers. The company’s products are consisted on In Frame, In Search, In Tag and In Text. Most important thing about Infolinks is that there is no ads space required to your website/blog because whenever a visitor comes to your site popups windows automatically appears and when visitor clicks you get paid. Moreover the ads of Infolinks also lines underneath the certain keywords in the content which is called text advertisement.


It is very simple as 123 to get approved by Infolinks as you just need a website/blog receiving reasonable organic traffic to get Infolinks account. Especially it is the great platform for bloggers who are not able to get Adsense account or their Adsense account has been lost because it is considered the best alternative to Google Adsense. Moreover if you are using adsense account and want to increase earning with your website than you also can use Infolinks

ds with Google Adsense ads (Adsense does not have any issue). The company has also claimed that the use of Infolinks with adsense ads is very much benefited and recently the team of Infolinks formed partnership with Google which allows to publishers to show premium ads on the website thus it will almost double your income. Getting approval for Infolinks is not difficult task at all but you will never be approved if your site contains hacking, drugs and pornographic materials. There is no especial requirement of traffic on your site but you need traffic to earn more with Infolinks. If you go for Google adsense it has different policies, terms and condition for every country and they have very strict policies for Pakistani and Indian publishers therefore whenever a publisher makes mistake they immediate disable account but Infolinks does not have strict terms and condition like Adsense or other advertising companies have. So even if you are Pakistani blogger and want to earn with Infolinks then they welcome you warmly so don’t waste time click here to get register for Infolinks.


How to Sign-up?
You need to fill the form about your personal details such as name, address, contact details and as well as email address for future conversations. Click Here for Sign Up.

How Much Time will be required to Get Approved?
When you apply for Infolinks they review your website/blog at least for 2 to 3 days so most probably you will receive email from Infolinks within 04 business/working days. You should receive email with the 04 days whether they have approved your site or disapproved.

How to put Infolinks ads on my blog/website?
When you received confirmation email that your site has been approved then login your account. If you have blog then use HTML code and in case of wordpress website you can install plugin, rest of work will automatically be done by Infolinks.

How much I can earn?
Well it is hard to say that how much you can earn because earning from any advertising company depends on quality work done by you on the site. If you are having qualitative material on your website/blog then no doubt you can earn handsome earning.

What is the minimum Payout?
When your account reaches minimum 50$ then you can withdraw it to paypal account after 45 days. There several options to withdraw money as Paypal, Check, Wire Bank, Western Union, Payoneer and as well as ACH. So choose the method that suits you.

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