How to Promote Facebook Business Page for Free 2020

how to promote your facebook page for free

How to Promote Facebook Business Page for Free 2020

We all knew that its a very hard job to promote your Facebook page, especially if its a new page and you don’t wanna spend some bucks. There are many ways to promote your Facebook page for free so that you can grow your audience and get more customers/subscribers from Facebook.

1. Invite your friends and Colleagues to Like Your Page.

First you need to tap into your existing network.

You probably already have Facebook friends who will like to support your facebook page – so invite them to like it!

Here’s how to do it on your desktop:

  • Go to your Facebook Page. In the left-hand menu, click “Community” (you may need to click “See More” to find it).
  • In the Community page, find the right-side section with the search box that says, “Invite your friends to like [your Page name here]”.
  • In the search box, start typing to find friends to invite to like your Page. (Facebook suggests some friends for you underneath.)
  • Alternatively, from your Page’s home, navigate to the right-side column and click “Invite your friends to like this Page.”

2. Share a Link to the Page on Your Timeline

Send the URL to your Facebook Page directly to your own Timeline for everyone to see. Go to the Page and click the Share button. A pop-up window shows the Page cover photo and profile picture.

You can add a brief message if you like, but choosing where to share it is the most important part of this self-promotion technique. You can share the Page on your own Timeline by choosing the Share on Your Timeline option at the top of that pop-up window, but there are also options for sharing on a friend’s Timeline, sharing in a private message, and more.

3. Offer exclusive deals

Verbiage such as “Follow us on Facebook for our best deals” coupled with a “Follow” button can incentivize Page visits and followers. Make sure you mention “This deal is exclusive to our Facebook followers.”

4. Invite followers from other social media channels

If your Facebook Page is where you want to drive traffic, let followers on your other social media channels know that Facebook is where the action is.

5. Add a Page Plugin to Your Website

One of the coolest ways to promote your Facebook Page is with the Page Plugin. Use it to embed a simple feed of your Facebook Page content to your website. Copy some lines of code from the Page Plugin page and insert it into your website’s HTML code.

In addition to showing the Page’s cover photo, you can opt to expand the presentation in several ways.

  • Timeline tab shows the most recent posts on your Page timeline
  • An Events tab can be shown so that visitors can follow your Page’s events and subscribe to events right from your website.
  • The Messages tab lets visitors message your Facebook Page.
  • The Adapt to plugin container width option can be used so that the plugin changes to the width of its parent container when the page loads, making it look a lot more natural on your website. The minimum is 180 pixels, and the maximum is 500 pixels.
  • The Show Friend’s Faces option shows the faces of friends who like your Page.

Engage with users

You’ll obviously need to respond to comments and messages directed at you, whether they’re questions, complaints or compliments.  The last thing you want is for people to think you’re ignoring them.

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