How to Withdraw money from Adsterra using Payoneer 2024

Adsterra to Payoneer

How to Withdraw money from Adsterra using Payoneer 2024

Adsterra is a platform where publishers can earn money by displaying ads on their websites, and advertisers can promote their products or services.

If you are a publisher looking to receive payments from Adsterra, you would typically need to check their payment policies and methods on their platform.

Great news for all of Adsterra Publisher — you can easily withdraw your earnings to Payoneer through a euro receiving bank account! The payment is made in euros, and no fee is taken except for the exchange rate.

This enhancement is a game-changer for all users, providing a hassle-free and straightforward method for accessing your funds. When you opt for Payoneer withdrawals, the payment is processed in euros, ensuring a clear and transparent financial transaction. What’s even more exciting is that we’ve eliminated additional withdrawal fees, meaning you can enjoy the full benefits of your earnings without any extra costs—except for the standard exchange rate, which is the only factor to consider.

ere are 2 easy steps how to do it:

  1. You need a euro receiving account in your Payoneer (usually such accounts are offered by Citibank or Banking Circle S.A). If you don’t have it, just request through the Payoneer Support.

  2. When you have a euro account, change your payment system at Adsterra to WireTransfer and fill in all details according to the newly created bank account.

    If you have don’t have a Payoneer account yet. Signup now and Receive your $50 free Bonus.

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