What is Fiverr Promoted gigs tool and how it works

fiverr promoted gigs

What is Fiverr Promoted gigs tool and how it works

The Founder and CEO of Fiverr, Micha Kaufman, explains the opportunity Promoted Gigs is providing in the press release. Kaufman says this new service will allow freelancers to invest and grow their online business. Adding, “Promoted Gigs is a fantastic way for high quality, talented and motivated freelancers to stand out, earn more and build a stronger business on Fiverr.”

The new service allows sellers to bid and win prime locations on the Fiverr platform. This is made possible through an auction and pay-per-click mechanism.

How Fiverr Promoted gigs work

ust like Google Ads, Fiverr’s promoted Gigs is a paid advertising tool that let sellers promote their Gigs on Fiverr.

You will be paying on per click basis. The more you pay, the more clicks your promoted gig will achieve!

Using Promoted Gigs, you can now push your Gig to prime locations in category pages and search results, gain more visibility, and get more orders.

How to use Promoted Gigs

As a seller, Fiverr suggests promoting your best performing gigs. This means showcasing gigs with top reviews so you can increase your chances of converting visitors to orders. High-quality gigs with engaging descriptions and extra services are a great start.

Once you have your ad ready to go it is time to set the price you are willing to pay for the ad. Set the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click on your ad and the Fiverr auction system will take care of the rest. Remember, your chance of winning your ad spot goes up the higher you set the price.

When the ad is in place the system will calculate the minimum amount per click you need to pay so you can win against your competitors. Fiverr will recommend a price to bid, but if you want you can bid above or below that number. According to Fiverr, you only pay for clicks and you will never pay more than the maximum.

can anyone promote their gigs?

No, to maintain quality ad experience for the buyers, Fiverr is offering this paid promotion service to handpicked sellers only, especially to those who meet their quality metrics.

Fiverr will evaluate your eligibility as per the following standards:

  • You should be a Level 2 or Top Rated seller
  • At least one of your Gigs should be in an eligible category
  • Your Gig score shouldn’t be less than 4.7 in public rating
  • Your Gig Must have at least 30 reviews
  • You MUST meet additional quality metrics

Can Anyone Create a New Gig and just start Promoting it?

No, new sellers can’t use this promote gig option right away. Their new Gigs will need to run for a while in the marketplace in order to ensure they meet the quality criteria  stated above.

Eligible Catogories to Promote Gig

  • Voice Over
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Whiteboard & Animated Explainers
  • WordPress
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Photoshop Editing
  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Web Programming
  • E-commerce Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Book & eBook Writing
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