What is the AdSense CPM and How to Increase it.

adsnese cpm

Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) is an income model where advertisers pay you a fixed price per thousand ad impressions. No click on them is necessary for you to earn something from AdSense. This bid type only works if advertisers choose on AdWords that ads should be displayed only on your website. Before they can do that you need to ad custom channels. I might cover this in an upcoming article, so you might want to subscribe to the newsletter so as not to miss it.

CPM is best if you have lot of traffic and/or the banner is placed in a less visible part of the page: the impressions are counted and few users will leave your website clicking on the ads.
Is good even if your banners refresh themselves after few seconds, generating lot of (unuseful) impressions.

How do I increase RPM (CPM) in Adsense?


Publish fresh and unique information about your niche with correctly managed keywords without any grammatical mistakes.

Search Engine Traffic

The polished articles with above-mentioned features will drive more organic traffic. The RPM can be improved by using a high ranking keyword that is related to the niche and not alters the quality of the article. Getting quality backlinks will drive high traffic to the website. For this, you can hire Upniche to do the process of gaining good quality and authority backlinks that can provide extreme traffic to your website and that is search engine friendly also.

CPC Paying Keyword

Selection of high paying CPC keywords is another effective step to increase the Adsense Earnings. The adding high paying keywords should be related to content. The high paying keywords provide higher PPC rate.

Google webmaster

Check Google webmaster tool consistently and do it as a practice. It is the Free Search console tool best for analyzing the crawling structure of any site.

Avoid Too Many Ads

Adsense ads are graphical ads displayed in different formats. So many ads on the page will reduce the presence and good look of the page. We know Page views are most accountable for improving RPM. So you should reduce the number of ads and can delete those ads that are not performing well detected by Adsense Ad Review Center control panel.

Adsense Ad Review Center helps you to know low CPC paying advertisement companies. So you will remove those ads and allow other high CPC ads.

Monitor & Analyze

Google analytics is helping to increase the RPM of a website. You should monitor all clicks and impressions of your website. You must be there inattention to check the invalid clicks.

User Locations

You can find your huge audience’ region and target them using Google webmaster tool. Locations like US, Canada, Australia, UK these are one of the high paying locations when compared to Asian and that will help you to improve your page RPM.

The best way to improve your earnings is increasing organic traffic. The more natural organic traffic your website has, the more clicks you will get. Thus it will improve CTR, CPC & CPM. So ultimately that will have the major effect of improving page RPM.

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