Different Ways to Make Money Online with WhatsApp


How Much can you Earn using WhatsApp?

It all depends on your effort, approach and also on the number of active members in your WhatsApp Groups. If you have a good number of WhatsApp members say around 500-1000 then you can make about $500-700 per month with proper cashing techniques.

The earnings depend on your ability of Conversions.

Method 1. Paid URL Shorteners/Pay Per 1K Clicks

You usually share links on WhatsApp which are opened by many of your WhatsApp contacts. If you monetise (Add money value) the links with help of the URL shortener and then share the shortened links to your WhatsApp groups then each 1000 times the links are clicked you will be paid with some amount.

The amount depends on the country where the link is being opened. Once a threshold limit is crossed then you can transfer the money to your account.

How to Get Started with Short URLs?

Step 1.

Go  Shrinkearn.com

Step 2.

Click on Sign-Up and enter your details.

Step 3.

A validation Mail will be sent to your Email Account.

Step 4.

Once the account is confirmed, you can start shortening the URL and sharing the links on WhatsApp groups.

Method 2. Affiliate Marketing Associate

Affiliate marketing is a type of business marketing technique wherein you will be paid with some amount (Commission) if you are able to sell a product for the company.

If done in the right manner then you can earn huge amount of money with Affiliate Marketing. You can sign-up with Amazon Affiliate program which to easy to start and offer great value.

There are other E-Commerce sites which offer Affiliate Marketing options, check your local listings.

Just log-in with your account credentials and sign-up for the affiliate program. Read all the instruction carefully and search for the desired products and copy the URL link for the specific product.

Method 3. Pay Per Download (PPD)

You can monetize any form of digital content, including apps, content, media, files, and pretty much anything that can be downloaded. It’s a great way to make money from your own content, and you can even make money from other people’s content, too.

The user needs to pay some money or perform some action like complete a survey or take a quiz to unlock the content. Once the action is done you will be paid with the amount.

This is a great way to earn the cash, just upload the stuff on the PPD website and start sharing the link with the WhatsApp group which is in need for the media. You can even short PPD URLs, thus dual benefits.


Method 4. App Referal Program

There are many Apps on Google Play and other App stores which offer a good amount of pennies if you refer their apps and a user performs a desired action like sign-up or make download an app.

WhatsApp could be a great medium for making most out of such apps. Each time someone performs the said action you will be paid with cash or some other goodies which you can redeem.

The App referral program can give you high returns if used in a proper manner to get high conversion rates.

Method 5. Buy & Sell the Stuff

You can yourself sell products directly via WhatsApp. Just make sure you come up with some good plan to target the potential customers.

You can also work as a medium for buying and selling the products similar to OLX. Just create a good WA message or poster and share it with all your friends.

Help the product to deliver to the right person and have little commission for the same.

Conclusion: You will surely not become rich overnight. Just have a right attitude. A lot of patience with correct decision making and success will be surely yours.

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