Do PTC sites really pay?


There are literally millions of Pay-To-Click Sites on the internet today.

The way that a PTC works is that an advertiser purchases a set number of member views – in this case lets assume it’s 500. For this, the advertiser pays a set amount of money to the Administrator of the PTC website.

After that, the members of the PTC site click on all of the available advertisements and receive compensation for such work. Typically this price is around $0.01.

The Payout is responsible for protecting the Administrator and the website financially. If a payout is $10.00 a user must click 1,000 advertisements. If there are 10 available advertisements each day, it would take 100 days to gather enough money to payout.

Most members will either forget about the site or give up before the payout is reached. Therefore, that user clicked advertisements and worked to complete the advertiser’s campaign, but never actually received any compensation for their work.

You must examine the PTC site you’re going to be advertising on thoroughly! If it’s active, well known, posted about on forums, and has good feedback from members – you can trust it! I always recommend starting out with a small advertising package to examine the results first, and monitoring your traffic in relation to the advertising stats posted on their website.

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