How to make money on youtube 2018

make money on youtube

There is no way that one can make quick money, because it takes time for your youtube channel to get enough number of subscribers and views.

There are millions of online businesses these days. They are willing to pay loads of money to companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft (Bing) etc to advertise their product.

Since youtube uses user generated (videos are uploaded by people). Google displays ads on their Youtube videos and share revenues with them.Many people don’t enable advertisements on their accounts. Ads aren’t the only way to earn.

They can perhaps upload videos about their e-book or Music CD they intend to sell. They can also earn via Affiliate Marketing or CPA. There are various indirect ways that people use to earn via Youtube.

1.Make Money by uploading videos

things need to get started.

1.Youtube account(Gmail account)

2.Adsense account(Provided by google)

3.Videos to attract viewers.(Talent)

How to enable ads on youtube videos

Follow this article

  • Upload what you are good at. It can be any topic from entertainment to educational to financial advices…(preferable field is “entertainment”, check out pewdiepie channel… most subscribed channel, and many other also earning well.. my fav channels – nigahiga, newboston)
  • Upload good quality videos with clear audio
  • Try to study the trend of the market and its demand to choose what to upload.
  • Upload regularly. Some day, some of your video may suddenly work out and then, with more views and subs, your channel will have a better SEO(search engine optimisation) for different search engines like google, yahoo, etc.


Many YouTube creators sell shirts or mugs featuring logos or inside jokes. There are companies designed for niche creators looking to make merch for their audiences. For some YouTubers, this can be a bigger source of income than ads, but for most it’s a relatively small business.

3.Affiliate links

a standard practice for YouTubers is sharing a sponsor’s link in their video description and earning a CPC (i.e. $1 for every click, paid for by the sponsor) or even a flat fee for sharing in the first place. Some sponsors even tie in incentives to conversion – meaning for every sale sponsor X makes, the YouTuber gets a cut. That type of deal usually happens when the YouTuber is pretty big and a deal is worked on in person. There are tons of sites for the masses that offer affiliate links, a large one being Amazon Associates.

4.Subscription fees

This is an emerging business model, but I think a very promising one. Voluntary subscription platforms like Patreon: Support the creators you love allow viewers to support the creators they love directly. This decreases the influence of advertisers and makes creators directly answerable to their audiences. It does, however, require that a percentage of viewers choose to pay.




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