How much time does it take to ship Payoneer card in pakistan


Payoneer providing you the notable MasterCard to use anyplace within the world, it’s a replacement royal line primarily based money company that was established back in 2005, however in recent years it got exposure from the users owing to its valuable services. currently you’ll use Payoneer MasterCard for receiving your payments from all freelancers and retreating cash exploitation native ATMs altogether countries wherever Payoneer is accessible at the instant together with Islamic Republic of Pakistan. together with the MasterCard, Payoneer conjointly offers you choice to use a USA bank for receiving payments from any USA and EU company, thusthis is often one further advantage.

The Payoneer card is delivered using Royal Mail and the concerned authority to deliver parcels from Royal Mail is Pakistan Post.

The expected delivery date in the account on time of ordering is being calculated by the Payoneer system automatically based on the estimated delivery time in local areas. It usually takes around 11 to 22 days. But it may vary. So, it’s better to wait upto 22 days before placing another request for the card.

In Big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad Payoneer customers get their card sooner than other cisites. My Payoneer card took 10 days to reached at Islamabad Via Royal Mail, Then it reached to my location in 4 days, So it took 2 weeks to arrive at my location.


1.If you have miss spelled your address or worse: put it wrong, you might not get your card delivered to you for sure. So, you should double check your address before submitting the application. Below is the correct way of writing your address in your Payoneer application.

Get Payoneer Card in Just 7 Days.

Yes you can get your payoneer card in just 7 days Via DHL.Payoneer deduct the DHL cost from your Payoneer account balance. The cost is $60 – if you would like a card shipped via DHL  contact payoneer  support department and let them know.


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