How to set Up a Twitter Ads Campaign?


Ads account creation

Your Twitter Ads account is connected to your Twitter username. To make an ads account, first log in to your account on and then go to in your browser. There you can set up your ads account, where you will be able to promote Tweets from that account.

Create your Twitter Ads account

  1. Go to
  2. Log into the twitter account that you would like to promote Tweets from. This is the username that your Twitter Ads account will be created for.
  3. Once logged in, type in your browser window
  4. You’ll be able to choose between two promotion options:

Twitter ads option

Now click on Go to Twitter Ads.

  1. You’ll then select your Country and Time zone. Select the country whose currency you’d like to be billed in and the time zone you’d like your campaign results to show up in. You cannot change these values once you’ve created your account.
  2. Now on next screen you need to choose your object.

Now create your new Campaign and set Daily budget, Then click next

The next step in setting up your campaign will be determining your targeting criteria. It’s important to customize your audience to be a good fit for your company and your message, and that way you’re only paying for clicks from folks who might have some interest in downloading your content or learning more about your product or service.

What are my options? You can target your campaigns by interests and followers, or by keywords (only if you’re promoting tweets, not accounts). Twitter now also has a Tailored Audiences feature, which gives you the option to target your website visitors or lists pulled from your database.

Twitter Audience setup

Now select your existing tweets you want to advertise.Now complete the Payment option and your Campaign will start and you will starting to promote you twitter account.

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