How to stop Google from tracking your location and web activities


How to stop Google from tracking your location

Google is a widely used cross-platform web browser used around the world. It has been ported to android, iOS, macOS as a default browser. It tracks all the data searched or locations traveled by the user. The location tracker is always on whether you are using Google maps or want to check a location on your social media platform.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to stop location tracking by google for various platforms.


Web & App Activity.

  1. Go to
  2. Under “My Google Activity” you’ll see the buttons for three types of activity: Web & App Activity, Location History, and YouTube History. You can visit each individually by selecting the appropriate button.


Google Activity

3. Click the Manage activity link under Web & App Activity to see the sort of detail Google’s logs go into. You’ll see webpages you’ve visited, web searches you’ve run, and apps you’ve opened up on your Android phone, though not what you did inside those apps.

WEb and App Activity

4. Click Turn Off button in order to Pause all Web & App Activity.

5. If you want to want to delete browsing history for few apps like google map, play store or andriod. Click on the product or app you want to stop tracking and delete the history.

6. Click on Filter by date & product at the top to see all the apps this tracking covers, from Google Assistant to the Google Play Store. The same dialog also lets you filter by date. Once you’ve applied a filter—such as Android—you can delete all matching entries by clicking the trash can icon.

another option google introduced is “Auto Delete” Google automatically wipe everything older than three months or older than 18 months. You’ll see these options appear if you click the Choose to delete automatically button at the top of the activity list.

Filter by date and product

Location History

The second section, Location History, which largely gathers data from your phone, works a little differently. Again you can follow the Manage activity link to see and edit the data Google has stored, but in this case the records are shown on a map. Click on Turn off button to stop Google from tracking your location.

Youtube History

Google key records of youtube video you watch and hings you search for on YouTube. Click on Turn Off button to Pausing YouTube History. You also have auto delete option.

Clean youtube history



  • Go to Settings. In the search box on top, type in “Activity controls” and tap it when it comes up.
  • If you have more than one Google account, select the one you want to manage.
  • Here, as with the browser version, you can turn off or pause the monitoring of various activities, including setting auto-delete and managing a timeline of your activity.


  • On your iPhone, open the settings button and go to the privacy option.
  • For privacy options, click on-location services.
  • The first option would be to turn the location on or off. You need to turn it off to disable the tracking completely.
  • Now scroll down the apps to which you have given permission to use your location data.
  • Then you can go app by app to disable it.
  • But do not disable Find My iPhone/iPad as it will be difficult to locate your device when it is lost.
  • Now again, scroll down to the bottom and tap System Services.
  • Here you can disable all the options except Cell Network Search to stop tracking.
  • Tap on the Frequent Locations and turn it off.





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