How to use Google AdSense Auto ads

Google-AdSense auto ads

What is Adsense Auto Ads 

It is a new Ad unit released today by Google Adsense to all publishers. It is the best Ad unit of Adsense to till date because its completely hassle free and very simple , actually it leaves no work or worry to publishers regarding their Ads placement on their Websites/Blogs. You need to place only one Ad Code to your Website and remove all old Ads placement and that’s all you need to do. Now you don’t need to worry about Ad placements for your new article post or anything as this Adsense ‘s new Auto Ads is so smart that it knows best placements for your website theme. Its on machine learning and it will be becoming more and more smart day by day by self learning.

How to Enable Google AdSense Auto ads

  • Login to your Google AdSense account
  • Go to my Ads > Auto Ads
  • Click on ‘Setup Auto Ads’
  • Configure your Global settings

google adsense auto ads

  • ‘Enabling’ automatically get new formats at the bottom.
  • Click on Save.
  • Now place the ad codes on every page of your blog/website. I use Google tagmanager for the same. You can use any technique suitable for you. If you are already using Page level ads, you don’t need to do anything.
  • You can always check the performance of Google Auto ads by going to My Ads > Auto ads and clicking on Statistics.

This way you can monetize your website easily and need not to do anything else. Your all Ads placements will be automatically taken care by Adsense’s new Ad unit called Auto Ads.

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