Methods To Improve Your Google AdSense Income

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There are many ways to earn money with Google AdSense online. Some people place content on their site and drive traffic there. Some people join a website like “HubPages” and join in on the revenue sharing. And some people like to join the website “Squidoo” to do the same thing. No matter which venue you choose, AdSense can be very profitable for you.

But Google AdSense isn’t the answer to all your prayers. The bottom line is that if you want commissions, and you want it quickly and easily, you will have to drive lots of traffic to your website. Traffic is relatively easy to come by – even if you aren’t paying for it.

Now there are some companies online who do advertise for their site, that is primarily earning money with Google AdSense. Their angle is to generate leads for their site, and then feed them with endless amounts of good content that is available on their website. Their prospects go to the website, look around, read the content, and occasionally click on links.

You can do this too, or you can simply lead people to your blog or site, and hope that they subscribe to your email newsletter. But I like to encourage visitors to opt-in to my email newsletter so that I can follow up on them, get the best conversion rates as possible, and to build my audience and keep them on my list.

The saying is true, even in a Google AdSense business… “The money is in the list”. This is absolutely true. In fact, if you want to sell anything effectively online, email marketing is a great way to do it and get it done. But you can simply lead people to your site or blog, and some will click on your ads this way too.

From all of the testing that I’ve done, I’ve found that the best places to place your Google AdSense ads are on the top of the page, at the top left of the page, and somewhere buried within the text of your content, and then of course… a banner at the end of the article. These places work well because they all fall within the natural eye movement.

You read from left to right, not right to left. So if visitors see your AdSense ad first, they may be more inclined to click on it… whether if they found it curiously intriguing, or simply because they thought the ad was a link that lead to somewhere else on your blog or site.

Make sure you learn how to drive traffic to your site or blog. This is very important. I personally like to do paid advertising, but when I first started out, I didn’t have much money, so I had to start off with free marketing. And it worked beautifully for me. And I still do it till this day.

Consider techniques such as article marketing, blogging, SEO, YouTube, email marketing, press releases, and even social marketing. All of these strategies can bring you the traffic you need to make your site a success – and to make your Google AdSense income increase. Hopefully you’ll use them today.

Good luck with earning money with Google AdSense.

by Randall A Magwood

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