5 Tips to Increase Your AdSense Earnings With HubPages


5 Tips to Increase Your AdSense Earnings With HubPages

1) Create a catchy title

Earning more AdSense revenue is all about the numbers. The more number of visitors to your HubPage has, the more money you earn. HubPages are ranked very well in Google so you have a good chance of getting a large amount of free traffic easily if your HubPage is well optimized. However it’s crucial to get a casual browser to click through to your HubPage and you can do that by creating a really interesting title. Take time to craft a catchy title that’s intriguing enough to capture visitors while making sure that your HubPage is optimized for it.

2) Examine your AdSense earnings

Creating lots of hubs on popular AdSense topics gives you more chance to earn a basic income. Use the tools provided by the Google AdSense program to figure out which hub pages are the best moneymakers. You can set up different channels to do this. Once you’ve identified your top-learning hubs, write more HubPages related to them after doing some more keyword research. For instance if you are making money out of ‘fast credit repair solutions’ use the AdWords tool to find out more keywords related to that to target targeted hub pages.

3) Space out the text.

Instead of lengthy blocks of text break up your HubPage into shooter segments of no more than 250 words. Having shorter paragraphs and a good amount of text gives the AdSense program more opportunity to put in ads in between.

4) Add targeted tags

Tags help you reader understand what your hub page is about. If you’ve done your keyword research well you’ll be able to add quality tags to your hub page. Try to incorporate at least 15 tags in each hub page you create.

5) Build more backlinks

Focus on getting quality backlinks. This will help your hub page rank higher in the search engine results bringing more organic traffic to your HubPage while improving your hubs popularity. You could easily have multiple results on search engines with a high-ranking hub page.

by Cemil Ozcelik

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