Top Best Selling Fiverr Gigs

best selling fiverr gigs

Fiverr works as an interface between buyer and seller and they will take some amount of providing this service.

If you are thinking what should I am going to sell as I don’t have any expertise then don’t worry. There are lot of fiverr gigs anyone can do.There are thousands of ideas for tech and non-tech persons.You have to decide you yourself what service you are going to provide.

Here are some most profitable Fiverr gigs ideas which sells better

1. Logo Design

Logo design is one of the most in-demand gigs on Fiverr, If you are a creative person having some experience with Photoshop and Illustrator or any graphical software, you are ready to work and earn thousands or more.

2.Whiteboard Animations

This is very easy to do and very much in-demand. Go to Sparkol, sign up for a trial and learn the software in only minutes. It’s very easy to use and great for creating brilliant animations.The great thing about whiteboard is it has huge potential, super easy to make, marketers want videos like this and much more. Just go to and type “Whiteboard Animation” in a search bar and hit the button. You will be amazed to see results.

3.Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are highly sought after and, they’re often well paid too – making this gig one of the most profitable for sellers on Fiverr.Brands take to Fiverr looking for people to create video testimonials.

A video testimonial is essentially a review of the business’ products or services. Generally, the client gives you an outline or script of what they want you to say in the video.All you need is a camera and a suitable place to record the video.

4.Social Media Promotion

Most brands realize the importance of social media in marketing, so they’re willing to pay people to assist them with their social media marketing campaigns. Buyers on Fiverr are prepared to pay you to get them Facebook likes, to grow their Twitter following and help them out with various aspect of their social media marketing. You don’t need any technical skills to do this – all you need is the ability to use social media sites.

5.Wordpress Sites, WordPress Fixes and Customization.

have well experience in it and I started working as WordPress designer and developer which earned me a lot such as tweaking, installation, customization and much more. Errors are possible and most of webmasters or bloggers online are not technical and hence they a programmer or developer to fix their issues. If you are the one, just check out the potential on Fiverr.

Also, you can try, shifting blogs, migrating servers, designing themes etc.

6.Voiceover Artist

Voiceovers are in high demand at Fiverr. Clients on Fiverr look for sellers to provide voice overs for a variety of things, like commercials, audio books, and YouTube videos.

As a voiceover artist, all you need to do is follow the client’s instructions, review the script you’re sent and then record the voiceover.

All you need is a microphone and recording software, which you can often get for free.

So, if you’re comfortable reading from a script, and you’ve got a good voice, then you could get work as a voiceover artist and make quite a profit!


Again cashing your English skills, you can make smart by offering proofreading services. Statistics shows that the proofreaders are highly used as freelancers on Fiverr. All it takes is a bit of scrutiny of the content written already. Not a bad deal to earn $5.

8.Keywords Search

Bloggers who are all new in the blogging sphere are always confused about the keywords that can bring organic traffic to their blogs. If you have your hands on Keywords search, a set of fruitful Keywords can bring you straight $5 in no time.




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